Mississippi chef crowned America’s new King of Seafood

Chef Austin Sumrall of Mississippi was crowned America’s new King of Seafood in New Orleans last Saturday.

As the winner of the 17th annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off, Sumrall will travel across the country and abroad to promote U.S. seafood.

Sumrall is the owner of White Pillars restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Thirteen chefs from all over the nation and Guam competed in the competition.

Sumrall won with his snapper three-way dish, including a snapper crudo, New Orleans BBQ-snapper ribs, and Snapper jowl pho. “Completely blown away, speechless for sure, incredible chefs here, a lot of people that I really, really respect. We’re just happy to be competing. We did come to win and we’re excited that we did.”

This was Sumrall’s first time competing at the Great American Seafood Cook-Off in New Orleans.