Mississippi charter license fee waived for Louisiana residents

The non-resident charter license fee for Louisiana guides is being waived by the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources through December 1st.

Guides unable to fish in areas hit hard by Hurricane Ida are welcome here in Mississippi. MDMR is allowing Louisiana charter captains possessing the Louisiana charter boat fishing guide license, Louisiana mothership license, or Louisiana charter skiff license, and following all Louisiana regulations and requirements associated with above licenses to launch and land from Mississippi Ports without the $1,500 fee.

Sonny Schindler, part owner and guide for Shore Thing Fishing Charter, says ‘This is a very classy, compassionate, and neighborly gesture to our fellow guides and friends in need of help.’ “If you think about it, you just lost your camp, your home boats, primary and secondary houses and then for somebody to say come over here and work and oh yea give us 1500 bucks. For them to say, look just come over here and work and we’re here to help. I can’t express how cool it is for them to do it.”

This is an opportunity for charters to work out of Mississippi and create new fishing possibilities on the Coast.

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