Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum vandalized

On Sunday, Executive Director Francisco Gonzalez showed up to work at the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum to find one of the museum’s large glass windows shattered.

Gonzalez says someone had thrown a metal shackle and broke the window sometime between the museum closing Saturday and him returning Sunday.

The museum, which depends on donations and ticket sales to keep up and running, said in a Facebook post that it doesn’t have the funds to replace the window.

Since seeing the damage to the museum, many members of the community have stepped up offering help including a Navy Seabee reserve who assisted in making temporary repairs. “It took us about an hour and a half– a gentleman had brought his family to the museum to spend time and they were playing and looking at all the exhibits. And after an hour and a half of touring noticed that we were out there cleaning up glass and he said– came to me and said ‘hey my name is Antonio Brown. I want to help you.’ And in half an hour he had got the stuff cleaned and drilled, the wood, so that we could close the door. And it’s a miracle. I mean it was God sent.”

After many community members shared the museum’s story on social media, Dixie Glass offered to make the repairs to the window, according to Facebook.

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