MGCCC Culinary Camps kick off this week

Kids at MGCCC Culinary Camps are rolling out the dough this week, the pizza dough that is.

The Harrison County campus has officially kicked off their summer culinary camps. The camps are held throughout the month of June for kids ages eight through 13.

On today’s menu, the campers made their very own pizza. The campers gathered their ingredients, kneed their home-made dough, and topped it off with cheese and pepperoni.

Chef Lauren Howard believes there are several benefits to children taking a culinary class. “Being able to be in this atmosphere, they learn how things are put together, they learn how to stay organized, they learn social skills, how to communicate. I mean, culinary hits all of those bells and whistles on those soft skills that we kinda take for granted.”

The classes run all month and each group attends Tuesday through Friday. There are still some spots available in the classes and you can sign up by going to Go to programs, click on summer camps, and choose culinary camps to enroll your little chef.

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