Memorial Health System helps out American Red Cross

Memorial Health Care providers and staff did their part today to help save more lives, thanks to the Red Cross.

The American Red Cross partners with Memorial Health System on a regular basis and every 56 days from the previous drive at the hospital, Memorial gives the Red Cross a full day to get donations from employees.

In the middle of a shortage, both Red Cross and Memorial feel it is best to keep the tradition going since health care providers understand the critical need for blood supply.

According to Denise Smith, the senior account manager of the American Red Cross, statistically three percent of the population gives blood on an annual basis and 87 percent of the population will be touched directly by the need for blood. “We are truly honored and blessed to be the organization that we are and to be able to help so many patients, both near and far. So, yeah, it warms my heart every time I get to come in Memorial and do these drives. I get to see repetitive donors and a lot of times they bring a coworker or a friend or a family member and that just makes their impact bigger.”

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