Meet Jalanea Lowe

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month which promotes acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.

You can help become an advocate by participating in the local Buddy Walk set for October 16th in Gulfport.

As that date approaches, billboards are going up across the Coast, helping us better connect with local children with Down Syndrome.

Every Thursday on WXXV, we’ll be sharing the story of a child on one of the five billboards. This week you’ll get to meet Jalanea Lowe.

In the Lowe family, every child’s name starts with the letter J. So, there’s Jamison, Julian, Jacelyn, and the unforgettable Jalanea. Donna Lowe, Jalanea’s mother, said, “I’ve had people come up to us and I’m like how do you know my child, like where’d you meet her at? That’s kind of special.”

Born with one extra chromosome, ten-year-old Jalanea Lowe is just like any other tween. In her spare time, you can catch her dancing, helping her family foster animals, and playing with her favorite toy mermaid. “She’s very determined in everything she does. Although, she had a rough start with medical issues.”

Jalanea has overcome leukemia and has had multiple spinal surgeries. Despite the countless obstacles, her mother says that nothing holds her daughter back. Her brother, Jamison, had to write an essay for school about someone that inspires him and to the surprise of no one he chose his little sister. “Instead of picking someone he’s never met before he chose his sister Jalanea because he’s determined every day and she wakes up and it’s going to be a good day. She’s going to make the most of it. She doesn’t let some of her challenges hold her back. She just goes on about her business to have a good time at life.”

The Lowe family hopes that Jalanea’s uplifting story can be inspiring to others as well, promoting acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

One way the family encourages awareness is by participating in their local Buddy Walk, something they’ve done all but one year since Jalanea was born. “The exposure for people with Down Syndrome, the acceptance. Like her shirt says she’s human and she’s a part of this world.”

Be sure to register for this year’s Buddy Walk at It will be October 16th at the Gulfport Sports Complex.

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