Meet Hudson Hartman

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month which promotes acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome.

You can help become an advocate by participating in the local Buddy Walk set for October 16th in Gulfport.

As that date approaches, billboards are going up across the Coast, helping us better connect with local children Down Syndrome. Every Thursday here on WXXV, we’ll be sharing the story of a child on one of the five billboards.

This week you’ll get to meet Hudson Hartman.

Hudson Hartman is all smiles and considering everything he’s done in just three years of his life; he has no reason not to be.

His family moved to Ocean Springs when he was a baby and in a mere three years, he’s already been the grand marshal in the 2019 Buddy Walk in New York City and helped pass two laws, the Human Life Equality Act and Hudson’s Law, which is a Down Syndrome information act.  Mika Hartman, Hudson’s mom, said, “Hudson has earned the nickname of Senator Hudson because he walks into a room and just takes over everybody. He’s a true politician. He walks in and everybody gravitates toward him. He’s going to change the world.”

He’s not done fighting for Down Syndrome equality. Now, he and his family are working alongside legislators to pass Cole’s Law. If passed, it would end organ transplant discrimination against people with disabilities.

This is just a small sample of what Hudson and his family have done for the Down Syndrome community. Hudson also had to fight for his life. “Hudson beat transient leukemia at four weeks of life and an open-heart surgery at three and a half months. At that time, all the scary things that came through and the way he came through it with a smile on his face.”

For Hudson’s mother, Mika, watching her son’s ability to push through countless obstacles keeps her fighting for a better future for her son and others like him. “He makes everyone better. He makes everyone to do more, be kinder. I really wake up every morning wondering how I can make the world a better place for him. I had a mom tell me that she really hoped her child would pass away before she did, I didn’t understand how to take that at first than I realized she said that because she didn’t want to leave her child in this world the way it is. I literally wake up everyday thinking how can I make this world better so I can leave Hudson in a better place when it is time for me to go.”

Hudson has made appearances in magazines, books, podcasts, and he will be a part of this year’s annual National Down Syndrome Society’s Time Square video presentation. “This year, we actually went as Cobra Kai because in the move it is strike first, strike hard, no mercy, but our motto is be kind, love hard, no mercy.”

Hudson is one of ten local children with Down Syndrome that will be featured on billboards going up across the Coast.

Be sure to register for this year’s Buddy Walk at It will be October 16th at the Gulfport Sports Complex.

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