Mass adoption ceremony held in Gulfport

What better way to celebration National Adoption Month than with multiple children getting adopted at once?

A mass adoption celebration took place to recognize Mississippi’s newest adoptive families.

As many as 50 people gathered at the Harrison County courthouse in hopes of growing their families.

A long awaited day for many as ten children were welcomed into their forever homes.

The children adopted range in age from toddlers to 18-year-olds.

“330 days, actually, and I’ve waited that long to be his daddy and if I had to wait 333 months I would,” said Joshua Holland, a newly adoptive father. “I’d never give up on him. So, it’s just been the glue that brings us together, and I finally get to give him my last name.”

“We’re finally one big family now,” said the Gonzales family. “I feel like our family is finally complete.”

“I feel honored to be a part of it,” said Judge Jennifer Schloegel. “I love that these children will have a home before Christmas and the holidays, and it’s the happy part of the court experience. Happy part of Chancery court.”

This ‘Home for the Holidays’ campaign is the kick-off event for a year-long program called Pathway to Permanency.

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