Mask mandate implemented for Gulfport schools

The Gulfport School District announced changes to its COVID-19 policy that took effect today.

All Gulfport School District employees and students are now required to wear a mask. The Gulfport School District began the new school with sixth and ninth graders starting their school year on July 22nd and the rest of the school district returned July 23rd.

After seeing an uptick in cases last Friday, Gulfport School District decided to reinstate the mask mandate. Gulfport School District Superintendent Glen East said, “You are going to see a little more distancing than three feet in places. So, just those same kind of procedures we went through last year. We are going to kind of install here, you know, beginning this week. Hopefully this spike, which is kind of like the July spike from last year, will kind of wane a little earlier and we will get back to a baseline so to speak and start to loosen up as we go forward in the school year.”

Superintendent East says they will continue to practice all the COVID protocols in place.

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