Male breast cancer survivor speaks out

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we hear a lot of women who are affected and sometimes forget men can just as easily have breast cancer as well.

Michael Luna from Gulfport knew something was off when he felt something abnormal and noticed an increase in size with one of his breasts.

After getting blood work back from a hospital, Luna was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2019. After two surgeries to remove the tumor, Luna started chemo and radiation within two months.

During his battle, Luna also faced other challenges like being a single dad and working to pay the bills.

He says his kids are what got him through the difficult times. “Just so every guy knows, one percent is a huge percentage in regards to population. Every guy is always going to assume they got man boobs or something of the sort. If you notice any changes like that, me being proof of having that and having the scar for the rest of my life from having breast cancer. Guys need to make sure that they are actually taking this serious.”

Luna has been in remission for two years. He is able to spend more time with his kids working as a plant manager for Design Precast and Pipe.

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