Lynn Meadows Discovery Center honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center celebrated Martin Luther King Jr’s life and legacy through arts and crafts.

With Monday being the Martin Luther King holiday, Joshue Zarich and his family thought it would be the perfect day to spend the day at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center not only play in the different play areas at the museum, but to also get creative celebrating the life of MLK with his daughters since they had the day off from school. “It’s an important day and I think it’s really cool to bring unity and all for it and diversity. I think that’s important too. I really liked it and the kids got to draw their hands and got to make a flower out of it, which I think it’s really cool.”

Along with making peace flowers to celebrate peace and equality, the center had story time about MLK and another activity when it came to teaching diversity. Executive Director Cindy DeFrances said, “We’re doing an egg experiment where we will be showing that we all may be different on the outside, but actually we’re all the same on the inside. So, we’ll let the children see that the outsides are different, but when you crack them open and look at the inside, they are exactly the same.”

At a place where kids can dream, DeFrances tells News 25 she and her team try to incorporate not only fun activities for the kids to do every month, but also create a learning experience while they have fun. “Everybody has input in what they believe they should help us provide to the families in the community and so we just brainstorm together and then that’s how we create different activities, programs, and events.”

The next event coming up is at the Children’s Mardi Gras Celebration on January 28th.

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