Lyman Senior Center helps restock Back Bay Mission’s pantry through food drive

A local food drive’s mission is to restock the almost empty pantry at Back Bay Mission.

The director of the Lyman Senior Center Al Jones went to Back Bay Mission and realized there were only seven cans in the pantry.

After noticing Back Bay’s need for donations, the Lyman Senior Center started a food drive on July 25th.

With the food drive ending today, the senior center is pleased to announce they have received an estimated amount of 500 items for Back Bay Mission. Jones said, “Next thing I know, we’re starting to get food, hey can you come pick it up here, can you come pick it up here, not necessary to the two drop-offs we have, and I’m going to pick up one more this afternoon, and then take them. I’ve already spoken to Mrs. Laura over there at Back Bay Missions, and she’s gonna be there to welcome us with open arms to take the food.”

The food drive is something the senior center wants to continue and they plan on doing their next one during the Christmas holidays.

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