Louisiana charter boats now can launch from Mississippi

BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — Louisiana charter captains affected by Hurricane Ida will be able to operate from Mississippi ports through the end of the year.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources announced the decision Friday in the wake of impacts Ida had on Louisiana’s coast.

Charter captains must hold a Louisiana Charter Boat Fishing Guide License, a Louisiana Mothership License, or a Louisiana Charter Skiff License and follow all Louisiana regulations and requirements associated with those licenses in order to launch and land from Mississippi ports, the department said in a statement last week.

Any passengers fishing onboard the vessels must have the appropriate Louisiana Charter Passenger or Louisiana Charter Skiff license. In order to fish in Mississippi territorial waters, a Mississippi Charter For-Hire License must be purchased, the department added.

For more information about policies and procedures in Mississippi, visit the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources website.

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