Long Beach residents prepare for tropical activity

Today, residents in Long Beach were preparing for the wet weather as well.

Residents in Long Beach know all too well about the severity of any tropical activity. Armed with shovels, home and business owners arrived at the sandbag site set up at Long Beach Harbor.

Sand is available at the site 24/7 as well as bags for the sand until supplies run out.

News 25 caught up with one resident who says due to his home being in a low-lying area he wants to make sure his home is secured. Long Beach resident Dan Helton said, “My main concern is the amount of water. When we get heavy rains, five, six inches like a week or so ago, when the thunderstorm popped over our area and just kind of hovered, we had some back flow from the drainage and the high tide. I talked to the city a little bit with the water coming in, with high tide, we just couldn’t get all the water out. So, we had a low-lying flood in our area. So, just a precaution with the amount of water they are predicting.”

Other sand bag sites in the area include the Harrison County Work Center on North Seal and Long Beach Girls Softball Field on Klondyke Road.

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