Long Beach police reinstating running radars on Highway 90

The Long Beach Board of Alderman voted to allow the Long Beach Police Department to start running radars once again along Highway 90.

The last time the police department ran radars was in 2010. After Hurricane Katrina, the city’s population fell to 14,832 residents.

In Mississippi, the law states that municipal police are not permitted to use any type of radar speed equipment in any municipality that has a population lower than 15,000.

According to the latest federal Census, the population in Long Beach has grown to 16,000 in the last ten years, which puts them in compliance to use radars. Long Beach Police Captain Patrick Craig said, “Our number one concern is public safety. Over the past few years, we have had several motor vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities and one of the number one contributing circumstances in every one of those accidents was speeding. So, we just want motorists to adhere to the posted speed limit and be vigilant of other drivers. It’s really for safety.”

Radars will go into effect once ratified by the city’s mayor.

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