Long Beach Community Pep Rally

For many schools on the Coast, students, teachers, and faculty celebrated their first days of class of the 2021-2022 school year this week.

Long Beach schools celebrated their first week back this evening with a community pep rally.

Every year the Bearcats hold a community wide pep rally for the beginning of school, however, due to COVID they were unable to hold the event last year.

This year, Long Beach moved the celebration outside to the Harper McCaughan Town Green in order to get back to some normalcy.

The football team made an appearance and the Long Beach band, cheerleading team, and dance team all performed for classmates, family, and community members. LBHS Teacher and Cheerleading Coach Brandy Zink said, “I feel like it shows everybody that we’re invested and that we’re willing to come outside and sweat and wear a mask and we’re willing to social distance. And we’re willing– really the band’s practiced two days. We’ve practiced two days. I mean this was fresh and this was– you’re really putting yourself out on the line, but you’re doing it because you want people to continue to come out because you want them to buy tickets and come to your games. You want them to cheer you on. And so, we’ve gotten new coaches, new players. Some of these kids haven’t gotten to do anything that’s normal because they’re sophomores. So, I don’t know it’s like this is our way of saying we’re going to do the best we can for you kids.”

The Bearcats kick off the football season August 27th at Pass Christian.

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