Long Beach City Council working on food truck ordinance

A food truck vendor ordinance is in the works for the City of Long Beach.

Long Beach City Council is looking to dish out an ordinance allowing food trucks. The city council held a work session tonight, listening to draft suggestions.

While the meeting was insightful, the council decided they needed more time to gather suggestions for the ordinance.

The city leaders want something that will work for their downtown area so local businesses and food truck vendors are both satisfied.

Therefore, another work session will be held. When an ordinance is drafted, the city will have a public hearing before it can be adopted.

Long Beach Mayor George Bass says this stage will not be reached for another two to three months. “We are going to make this work for Long Beach. We don’t want to use Tupelos or randoms in Mississippi. We want it to be Long Beach’s. If we have loopholes, we’ll go back and fill them in. We’re hoping that with the slow and steady pace of this will give us a complete document.”

Mayor Bass commented that it is exciting times for Long Beach, especially in their downtown area along Jeff Davis, which has the space for even more development.

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