Local third graders participate in cabbage contest put on by Pine Hill Nursery

Every year, Pine Hill Nursery in Pass Christian engages third graders across the Coast in some friendly competition.

To get children excited about gardening, the nursery sponsors a cabbage-growing contest. Every student participating is given their own cabbage with growing instructions to take it home and hopefully grow a monster-sized cabbage.

Pine Hill just wrapped up this year’s competition by visiting every school and weighing every cabbage.

This year’s competition was fierce, having some of the biggest cabbages the nursery’s manager Rachel Bond has ever seen. “We had at least one that was 12 pounds. We usually get ten pounders. We had several that were eight pounds, which may not seem like a lot, but if you’ve ever held a vegetable that’s ten or 12 pounds, that’s very large. Some of the little children can’t even carry them in. Their parents have to bring their cabbages in because they are so big.”

At every school there’s a first, second, and third place winner for the biggest cabbage. Organizers say the overall goal of the competition is to get the next generation excited about gardening.

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