Local students participate in National Geographic Photo Camp

Photography students are getting the experience of a lifetime as they learn from National Geographic photographers this week.

National Geographic magazine is a world-renowned photography magazine and they’ve brought their photo camp to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Students get to learn from people like Ally Moreo, who worked for the magazine as a photo editor.  “Students are primarily learning storytelling and we’re learning storytelling through the tool of photography. So, we will teach them lighting. We teach them portraiture. We teach them composition and the basics of the camera, but they then use that tool to learn how to tell stories.”

They’ve spent time on islands and in reserves photographing nature. This has been an immersive experience for young photographers like Max Stueur. “It’s non-stop photos and learning, and talking with people, and activities and it’s been fantastic. I mean I’ve been losing sleep because I just keep thinking about it. I’m taking every opportunity that I can.”

Choosing to work in the fine arts is not easy, especially while living in a remote area. So, to be at a photo camp and acknowledged by National Geographic is like a dream for these students. “We love photography and we want to see if we can make this work. So, being around people who… who are looking to do the same thing, uplifting you at every moment is incredibly inspiring.”

The photo camp will have a showcase of the students work Saturday, May 27th at 4:30 p.m. in Ocean Springs at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art.

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