Local Rabbit Rescue brings awareness to pet care as Easter approaches

As Easter approaches, the Johnson Bunny Haven in Saucier warns against buying bunnies for children.

They may be cute and cuddly with big ears and bushy tails, but the reality is they need extensive care as an exotic pet.

Operating for ten years, the owners of Johnson Bunny Haven are at full capacity for the first time, caring for 27 rabbits.

The rescue takes in rabbits found across the Coast and fear rabbits bought for children as pets for Easter will soon end up dumped and abandoned from lack of care. Johnson Bunny Haven Owner James Johnson said, “Four out of five Easter bunnies that are given as pets will either be dumped or die within the first year of their life. Four out of five. Most people don’t understand a rabbit is an eight to 12 year commitment.”

Johnson Bunny Haven Owner Sherri Johnson said, “People just leave them and if they’re not turning them in, they’re letting them off in the woods and that’s when we come, we have to come rescue them.”

With recent storms, other rabbit rescues in New Orleans and Alabama are also full so there are limited options for unwanted pet rabbits to call home.

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