Local pharmacy not impacted by Tamiflu shortage

The CDC says the early flu season this year is the most severe they’ve seen in a decade.

There’s been a total of 8.7 million cases, 78,000 hospitalizations, and 4,500 deaths since October. That surge now putting a nationwide strain on supplies of Tamiflu.

The medicine doesn’t kill the virus, but does slow it down.

The Corner Drug Store in Long Beach hasn’t personally been affected and says they have all strengths of the medication including the 30 milligram, 45 milligram, 75 milligram, and the Tamiflu suspension. Corner Drug Store Pharmacist and Owner Steve Wilson said, “Right now we’re doing pretty well. We’re able to buy from several different wholesalers, so the shortage really hasn’t affected us as much as some of the other pharmacies. I think they are limited to who they can buy from so their shortage is a little bit worse than us. We haven’t had any trouble getting it so far.”

The Corner Drug Store is located at Long Beach 5101 Beatline Road at Pineville Road.

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