Local organizations installing fire detectors in Biloxi community

Three organizations teamed up in Biloxi to promote fire prevention.

The Biloxi Fire Department teamed up with the Beau Rivage and the American Red Cross to go out into the community and install smoke detectors for those that need them.

Smoke detectors are important because they detect fires early on and allow the person to know they need to get out of their home.

Along with installing detectors, they also encouraged people to write up a personal escape plan for their house and gave them a pamphlet to write out and visualize the plan. Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Caleb Hudson said, “Fire prevention is so important. So many people lose their lives every year, even every day, because of fires in the home, so it’s important to try to prevent these fires but also be able to detect them early that way you can get out.”

Beau Rivage Director of Communications Mary Cracchiolo said, “This is an opportunity to not only put smoke detectors into homes that need them, but also to teach families about fire safety, and so it’s a great hands-on opportunity. You know at the Beau Rivage, we’re focused on what matters, and this is one of those programs that we do and look forward to every year in our community.”

If you didn’t see the Biloxi Fire Department out today, you can still have a smoke detector installed for free by calling 228-435-6209 and requesting assistance.

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