Local hospitals in need of nurses amid new COVID variant

Hospitals did prepare for yet another COVID wave, but they’re struggling under the weight of a staffing problem.

Hospitals are slammed with patients and there aren’t enough caretakers to handle them.

Singing River Health System CEO Lee Bond tells News 25 that a shortage of nurses has become just as problematic as COVID.

Nurses have left the state of Mississippi in droves since the pandemic began as they find contractual opportunities in other areas with shortages.

Singing River joins other health systems in asking for CARE and American Rescue Plan funding the state has received for pandemic relief. “We still have to handle strokes and heart attacks and cancer and car wrecks and all the other things that come in. And with the exodus of nurses from Mississippi to other states on FEMA contracts and just other offerings that Mississippi not-for-profits can’t compete with puts the entire state in a situation where we’re disadvantage versus others.”

Decisions about funding are expected to be made during the next legislative session.

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