Live Christmas trees for sale in Ocean Springs

Don’t have a Christmas tree yet?? Well, we might have just the place.

You may find your perfect tree at the Christmas tree farm by the Coast Fireworks Building on Washington Avenue.

If you’re in the market for a fresh cut North Carolina Fraser fir tree that can also be customized to your preference, you’re in luck.

The trees have been set up to sell since the week before Thanksgiving and will be sold until Christmas Eve or until stock runs out.

Prices for the trees range from $30 to more than $300, depending on size. President Leonard Cooper Jr. said, “I mean, I already do seasonal stuff and I really like Christmas and a friend of mine kinda got me in it and I kinda got the bug. Ninety percent of my business is repeat. I’ve seen kids grow up from toddlers all the way up from like almost teenagers now. So, you get to know people personally and I love it, I just love it.”

You can also tag or reserve a tree, but it has to be picked up and paid for in full by the end of the following day.

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