Lighthouse Pier in Biloxi coming back better than ever

Biloxi’s Lighthouse Pier has been closed to the public since Hurricane Zeta in October 2020.

Most piers in Biloxi have been repaired since the last storm except the Lighthouse Pier. The city has taken longer than usual to restore the pier since they will be upgrading it.

Because the design will be changing, FEMA will not pay for the entire reconstruction. Raising funds for the new pier has contributed to the slow pace.

The goal is to build back better and stronger so that the Lighthouse Pier can survive the next big storm. Public Affairs Manager Cecilia Dobbs Walton said, “For the Lighthouse Pier, through the design phase, what the city is looking at is to have stronger piling and to also have something called a ‘rock jetty,’ kinda like a border to help whenever the winds and the water are pushing up against that pier to help lessen the damage of all that beating on the pier. So, that is part of the design for the Lighthouse Pier.”

A date has not yet been set for construction on the pier, but the city is aiming for some time this year.

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