Kroc Center hosts program to help students prepare for GED test

January is National Mentoring Month and News 25 went down to the Kroc Center to highlight a program led by people looking to better educate the community.

Tutors in this program take their time to help prepare their students for the GED test. First, the tutors give their students an assessment to help find out what subjects the students are struggling in.

They work one on one with each student to teach them using books and computers provided at the center. The center also pays for the students to take the test.

GED Instructor Laura Bragg says that she loves being able to guide her students to success and better themselves in their lives. “Well, that’s the blessing for me in all of this is the students and to see how far they’ve come, see their confidence level rise, see them get better jobs. Some of the students that we do have are doing it for employment. Some are doing it for their own personal benefit.”

The program is open on Monday and Tuesday from 1:30 to 3:30 and Monday and Thursday nights from 5 to 7 at the Center of Hope in Biloxi.

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