Kids at River Oaks Elementary School get active with Move to Learn

Kids at River Oaks Elementary School got a break from the classroom today and instead enjoyed a day full of moving and dancing.

Coach Larry Calhoun, the star of the Move to Learn exercise break videos, got the kids heart rate moving while teaching them about healthy living.

The live presentation incorporated fitness breaks with segments on sleep, cool comebacks, hydration, and laugh therapy.

Teachers use the Move to Learn exercise break videos in their classroom as a way to increase their students’ ability to learn and the focus on schoolwork.

The fitness breaks help teachers create positive learning environments and promote effective classroom management. Coach Calhoun said, “All the data and research candidates that children that move and are active learn better. There is something that happen in the brain, something scientists called neurogenesis something scientist say BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor. It’s scientific wording, but it also means when they do these movements that they are learning. They are working both left and right hemispheres of the brain.”

Coach Calhoun visits schools three days a week across the state dancing and motivating students to get active and healthy.

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