Juneteenth Celebration Committee recognizes community members at awards ceremony

On Sunday, the Gulfport City Wide Juneteenth Celebration Committee hosted its Freedom Brunch and awards ceremony.

The community was able to come together and celebrate the Juneteenth holiday while also presenting some community members with awards for their hard work in the area.

The committee also awarded three students with $300 Mary Spinks Thigpen Oratorical Scholarships.

This scholarship was created to honor the continued legacy of Miss Spinks Thigpen who was a trailblazer for African-Americans across the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Juneteenth Celebration Committee Co-Chair Terri Tyler said, “We love to get our community involved, in things that we do, in all events, and that also keeps some of the crime down. We want the community to get to know each other.”

Juneteenth Celebration Committee President and Co-Founder Bobby Hudson III said, “Community is the center part of everything that we do. Every event we hosted always has a purpose. We have a good time, but we have a purpose. With all those things, so beyond Juneteenth, we’re about unifying and educating our community and making it better – making our community prosper.”

The awards ceremony wrapped up the four-day celebration in Gulfport.

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