Jet skiers take over Deer Island

A local group of jet skiers hit the water around Deer Island Saturday with a takeover involving at least 30 riders.

The riders created their own routes from the Biloxi Marina and other areas to meet up at Deer Island, just a short distance offshore.

The group formed about six months ago and already has more than 400 members ready to ride. The group invites any and all jet skiers to meet up for future scheduled rides.

Original member Brandon Oaks said the group’s main focus is simply get on the water and have a good time. “So, we created the group about 6 months ago. Neil and Cody are the main organizers of all our get-togethers. And we all meet up whether it’s one place or two places. We’ll schedule rides together. You know, different points throughout south Mississippi.”

Anyone interested in joining the group can do so at the Mississippi Ski Riders Facebook page.

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