Jackson County tax-forfeited land auction kicks off Wednesday

Jackson County starts their land auction tomorrow.

The bidding process begins at 8 a.m. tomorrow, July 7th, and all bids must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, August 4th.

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson was in Pascagoula this afternoon to discuss an event taking place over the next month in Jackson County.

Anyone interested in more information on this auction and how you can bid can find that on the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website.

You can view properties listed on the website. There are over 321 available listings, worth over $1.7 million. Watson said, “When you think about these properties that were abandoned and now someone can come in and buy those and clean them up and bring investment to them. So, be it new housing or a new commercial business you never know what, but it’s really cool for folks to come in and get good deals on these properties. There are some ranging, I think one of the ones I saw was a $9,000 piece of property that you can buy for $500.”

Visit www.sos.ms.gov for more information and property listings with starting bids.

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