Jackson County Superintendent clarifies work day increase proposal

Jackson County School District Superintendent Dr. John Strycker made a statement this afternoon regarding his proposal to increase the amount of days teacher assistants work.

A proposal was made seeking to extend the number of days assistant teachers are required to work from 180 days to 187 days a year.

However, Strycker released a statement saying the $2,000 raise will bring the salary for the assistants at Jackson County schools to $19,800.

Of this $2,000, approximately $750 would be compensation for an additional seven days worked and about $1,250 would go towards increasing the hourly rate of pay.

The school district’s intention of increasing teacher assistants’ days to 187 was to align their work schedules with teachers. Dr. Strycker said, “I still think it’s important that teacher assistants – I’m sorry about the facial expression – because it’s common sense to me that I want my teacher assistants in that room with those teachers, and I want them valued the same as the teachers. They do different jobs, and so maybe we need to increase that amount of money more even more – maybe not. We need to review the situation.”

Strycker says it is unlikely the Board of Education will consider passing the proposal.

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