Jackson County Sheriff’s Department holds annual rodeo

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department put on their ten-gallon hats, cowboy boots, and danced their way to the Conrad Mallett Arena for the annual Jackson County Rodeo.

This is the 20th year the department held the event. The rodeo featured a variety of exciting shows such as bull riding, horse racing, and a whole lot more.

Proceeds raised at the event will go to help the sheriff’s department in training funding as well as food and toy donation funding for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The department, on average, raises about five to ten thousand dollars from the event. Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “So it’s just something that is good family fun, good enjoyment, good food cooked on the grill out there and we got good barrel racing. We got bull riding. We got just a little bit of everything to do at the rodeo. A lot of fun.”

The event also featured shopping for guests who we relooking to get more into the cowboy or cowgirl spirit for the show.

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