Jackson County School District discusses potential solar farm

The Jackson County Board of Education held their monthly meeting Monday evening to discuss a potential new project.

The board hosted the meeting to update on the potential solar farm project on District 16 section property.

Since December 2021, the district has been working on a framework for an agreement that would satisfy the interest of the developer, the state, and the district.

JCSD Business Manager Ryan Earley says the project could generate an eight-figure sum in additional revenue for the district over the life of the project which would replace the decommissioned coal plants’ $6 million in lost revenue.

Locals were invited to the meeting to voice any concerns about the potential project.

Superintendent John Strycker says he’s pleased with the discussion and hopes the community understands the exploration of the idea. “If we did nothing, in five years from now and the loss revenue from Daniel happens, that would be an equivalent to laying off 92 teachers, so I just wanted to put in perspective in terms of we do need to revenue and it’s clean energy. So it really is a win for the community.”

As a next step, Earley will bring a solar site evaluation easement agreement to the September 12th board meeting for a vote.

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