Jackson County Sand Jam 2021

Hundreds turned out for some family fun, turtles, and more for the 2021 Sand Jam in Ocean Springs.

This included a family fun day that involved a sand sculpture competition, free kayaking, children’s activities, and much more.

With 36 species of turtles found in Mississippi and 10 of them listed on the endangered or threatened list, the goal of the event is to educate participants and attendees on the importance of protecting our various species of turtles. Ocean Springs Outdoor Recreation Specialist Barb Medlock said, “Turtle up Mississippi! This is a celebration of our Mississippi turtles. So, we’ve got a lot of educational booths out here. We’ve actually got turtles on the premises. We have a gopher tortoise that is an endangered species, but it’s also a keystone species. Then we also have turtles from Central Mississippi Turtle Rescue from the Jackson area. They brought some ambassadors with them as well, but there’s a lot going on, a lot to see.”

Medlock also says a treasure hunt is coming soon and rumor has it that a pirate will come back to find the treasure.

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