Jackson County mayors meet for quarterly luncheon

About a year ago, the mayors of Jackson County cities started holding quarterly luncheons.

Each mayor hosts a luncheon in their city. This meeting was hosted by Gautier Mayor Casey Vaughan. They even had matching shirts.

The mayors share common problems and successes and give each other updates on crime, poverty, economic gain, and more.

The mayors talked about the success of the crawfish cook-off and began planning a future event for Jackson County.

All of these mayors agreed they are stronger together than apart and believe in the ‘one coast’ mantra. Moss Point Mayor Billy Knight said, “We’re all in this together. You know, what affects Moss Point affects Pascagoula and Ocean Springs, and you know, Gautier. You know, we are mature enough to realize that we got to work and support each other. If we support each other, then our communities grow. We help our constituents. It’s not about us.”

We will be following up with each of these cities on some of their recent upgrades and future events.

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