Jackson County Bar Association composite portraits unveiled

Today, the Jackson County Bar Association unveiled their composite portraits inside the courthouse in Pascagoula.

Ronnie Blakeney photographed each member of the Jackson County Bar Association to create a historical record of those within the association.

The photo hangs in the courthouse with other composite photos from the past 50 years.

The photos are a way to showcase those within the legal system in Jackson County and also preserve the history. Blakeney said, “The finished product that is here. We decided, or I decided, I wanted to do something a little different here. Just a plain background is good, but we created this one with a really unique background. So, I think people will enjoy that as they come through the courthouse and see the different attorneys that are posted there and have an opportunity to see the unique design. I think the community and the public will really appreciate it.”

Blakeney will begin touching up on older composite portraits within the courthouse that have been damaged.

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