Jackson County Animal Shelter facing overcrowding issues

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is becoming more and more crowded. It’s that time of year again where animal shelters receive litters of kittens.

Comparing where they are now to where they were this time last year is a big difference. During the pandemic, they were down to about 15 cats and 20 dogs. Now they’re over 70 percent full, having received over 327 animals since June 1st.

Jackson County Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator Maridee Mallette says there’s one easy solution to help prevent overcrowding like this in the future. “The main thing you should do is spay and neuter your pets please. If your animal goes missing, please come to the shelter and look for your animal. We also have a microchip for $15. So, it’s not a GPS, but it will help you find it if it goes to a vet or here, we can scan it and call you.”

Apart from spaying and neutering your pet, another way you can help is by adopting. At the Jackson County Animal Shelters, dogs are currently $65. Adult cats are no cost and kittens are $25. They’ll be spayed and neutered and up-to-date on their shots.

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