IP Casino donates hygiene items to Salvation Army

With the giving spirit in full effect as we near Christmas, local businesses and charities came together during a particular time of need.

The IP donated six pallets of hygiene items to the Salvation Army as part of a statewide transit initiative to help the homeless and less fortunate. Herb Gee, director of casino operations at the IP, said the donation falls in line with the company’s values. “This is certainly part of our core values at Boyd Gaming. We certainly pride ourselves this time of year — and throughout the year, actually — to give to our local charities.”

Coast Transit Authority Executive Director Kevin Coggin said the donation is part of the statewide transit initiative. “It’s something we wanted to do… get donations. The IP has been very generous to donate a lot of personal hygiene products today. The Salvation Army is going to take delivery of it and distribute it. We work together with all these different organizations in the community.”

The donation is also timely for the Salvation Army with Christmas days away and freeze warnings in effect for South Mississippi. Major Jerry Friday said, “We could not be the agency that we are and do the things that we do without the tremendous support of the community — and places like the Imperial Palace — who give up their excess to us. It’s a huge blessing and it helps us to serve the community. We will be using products this weekend with our guests coming in, out of the cold.”

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