Ingalls awards $100,000 in grants for STEM education initiatives

Ingalls Shipbuilding announced their 2022 academic year STEM grant recipients today during a special breakfast.

The Ingalls Shipbuilding Division awarded 26 schools in Mississippi and Alabama with a check toward their STEM-related initiatives.

Ingalls makes this annual investment for the future of STEM education. This year, Ingalls awarded $100,000 in grant money.

Ingalls has awarded more than $1.1 million in teacher training and projects in the past decade.

Billy Carroll, an engineering teacher in the Moss Point School District says, “If you look at statistics, the top ten jobs, eight of the top ten jobs are in STEM, and so we know that’s where the careers are going to be the next 15 to 20 years, so my job as an engineering teacher is to get my students interested in those jobs and also give them an opportunity to learn and get some hands-on experience.”

Ingalls is committed to shaping the future of engineering, science and technology. It invests in STEM education programs through partnerships with local elementary and high schools, community colleges and technical schools, summer internships, and industry-leading apprentice schools.

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