Infinity and Beyond Barber Stylist College opening in Moss Point

Those looking to start a new career or just get licensed can now apply to a new barber stylist college opening up in Moss Point.

Infinity and Beyond Barber Stylist College will allow those interested to get trained to become a licensed barber, barber stylist, and instructor.

Registration is going on right now. The college is fully equipped with ten barber chairs, four hair dryers, two shampoo bowls, and a classroom.

The barber college will allow you to be licensed in a year and a half. Students will become an expert in shaving, washing, and hair and beard sculpting. Owner/Instructor Tynita Steele said, “This is one of my dreams that is actually finally coming true. I’m happy to say that I have always wanted to do it. I have passion in hair. I have been in the business over 25 years and expanding getting into the barber side of it. I have been a master cosmetologist for 25 years. So, it’s about eight years into barber stylist and I am beginning to love this side and I just want to give back to my community.”

Registration ends tomorrow and it goes from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. School starts August 16th.

Infinity and Beyond Barber Stylist College is located at 7819 Highway 613. For more information call 228-326-0521.

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