Inaugural Biscuits for Babies event to benefit Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center in Gulfport offers a multitude of resources for mothers in need.

To raise awareness and money to help mothers and their babies, the Women’s Resource Center hosted a Biscuits for Babies event at the Chimney’s Restaurant in Gulfport this morning.

Guests were able to take in the nice scenery while enjoying breakfast and a live auction where trips, restaurants, and paintings were auctioned off. Women’s Resource Center Executive Director Susan Jones said, “So, many women, especially right now, that come to us, they are in a crisis and they need resources in order to be able to keep their babies. So, what we try to do is meet with them. We try to connect them to whatever those resources are. It could be that they might not have insurance, they might not have a good stable house, the father might not be in the picture. There are so many different variables that we have that they might have, but we are here to listen and to love them and to find out what is that we can do that we can connect them to in order for them to be able to be prepared to have a child.”

The Women’s Resource Center’s mission is to collaborate with organizations that share similar values, working to promote personal health, strong family units, and thriving communities.

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