IMMS hosting sea turtle release Saturday in Biloxi

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is hosting a sea turtle release tomorrow morning in Biloxi.

These Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles were part of a group that was cold-stunned and flown from Massachusetts for rehabilitation.

They are the rarest species of sea turtle as well as the world’s most endangered species of turtles.

Since last December, IMMS, alongside the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, have been providing around the clock care involving X-rays, ultrasounds, blood analysis, physical therapy, and other advanced treatment.

For the individuals involved in the rehab process, letting the turtles go back into the wild can be tough, but it also gives them the chance to teach valuable lessons about animal conservation to the community. Dr. Debra Moore said, “One of the things we try to do is reach out to the public, educate the public, and in addition to educating future educators like the veterinary students. It’s really important to let them know what’s happening in our ocean.”

IMMS Standing Coordinator Theresa Madrigal said, “It’s always a bittersweet feeling for all of us and we try not to grow too attached to them, knowing they’re rehab animals, and our ultimate goal is to always release them back home.”

IMMS will be releasing the sea turtles tomorrow at 10 a.m. from the beach in front of Edgewater Mall.

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