Humalog and Lispro insulin see 70 percent decrease in price

The Inflation Reduction Act, which caps the price of insulin at $35 a month, is helping a non-profit help more clients.

Insulin sold under Humalog and Lispro by Eli Lilly Corporation is being reduced 70 percent in price to help patients better afford their medicine.

Humalog is now being capped at a monthly fee of $35 or less for those who are insured. Individuals who are without insurance are going to be paying $25 per vial for the generic insulin, Lispro.

This price reduction is helping St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy provide more insulin medicine to those in need. Executive Director Sam Burke said, “Individuals that we serve are usually 150-200 percent below the level. so, while this is a benefit, even if it’s 25 dollars or in some cases people take two, three, four vials a month of this particular drug, they’re going to still see some expense.”

Last year, St. Vincent de Paul Community Pharmacy filled roughly 30,000 prescriptions, 27 percent of them were for Humalog and Lispro.

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