How to save money on your electric bill

You have more control over the cost of your energy bill than you may realize.

Mississippi Power has some tips that can help. One of the biggest things is monitoring your cooling system so it is running efficiently.

Be sure to change your air filters out monthly, the outside unit is clear of debris, and trying to keep your AC on 78, especially if you’re not at home.

They also recommend investing in a smart thermostat. Mississippi Power Spokeswoman Kaila Moran Griffith said, “If you’re like me and maybe you’re having a busy morning and you run out of the house and forget to bump that AC up, if you have a smart thermostat so you can fix that number on your phone so you can actually control energy usage on your phone. So maybe you’re leaving the office, picking the kids up, grabbing dinner. On your commute home you can bump your AC back down so your house is nice and cool by the time you arrive back home in the evening. So that’s always a great investment for your household.”

For more energy saving tips be sure to check out Mississippi Power’s website.