Long-standing House Rep. Palazzo’s successor to be determined in 2022 midterm elections

Current U.S. House Representative Steven Palazzo, and 2022 midterm candidates Johnny Dupree, Alden Johnson, and Mike Ezell
Current U.S. House Representative Steven Palazzo, and 2022 midterm candidates Johnny Dupree, Alden Johnson, and Mike Ezell

Today’s midterm elections will decide who takes over for long-time U.S. House of Representative’s member Republican Steven Palazzo. He has been in office since January 2011 representing Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District. Three strong candidates are now up to bat in his place.

Palazzo was born and raised in Gulfport, Mississippi, and graduated from St. John High School. He earned his B.S and M.P.A. from the University of Southern Mississippi. Later, he worked as an accountant before beginning his political career. Palazzo has also served in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Mississippi Army National Guard. He was elected to a vacated seat for the Mississippi House of Representatives in December 2006. He served in this role until assuming his current position. Palazzo ran for re-election this year for the U.S. House. He lost in the Republican primary runoff.

Recent key votes for Palazzo include “Nay” on the American Rescue Plan Act, “Nay” on the Equality Act, “Nay” on the Build Back Better Act, “Nay” on the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, “Yea” on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, “Nay” on the Women’s Health Protection Act, and “Nay” on the For the People Act. Bills sponsored by Palazzo have been primarily in the areas of immigration and national security.

Following defeat by Mike Ezell in the primary runoff this June, Palazzo’s term ends January 2023. Competing candidates on the ballot for the U.S. House of Representatives 4th Congressional District for 2022 midterm elections are Johnny L. DuPree, Democrat; Mike Ezell, Republican; and Alden Patrick Johnson, Libertarian.


U.S. House of Representatives on ballots across Mississippi

Other Mississippi candidates on ballots for the House include Dianne Black and Trent Kelly for the 1st Congressional District, Brian Flowers and Bennie G. Thompson for the 2nd Congressional District, and Michael Guest and Shuwasaki A. Young for the 3rd Congressional District.


South Mississippi local voting

South Mississippi ballots today include two nonpartisan judicial elections. Chancery court judges are up for appointment in District 8 (Harrison, Hancock, and Stone counties). The incumbent candidates are Jim Persons, Jennifer Schloegel, Margaret Alfonso, and Carter Bise. District 16 (Jackson County), also elects this position today. Ballots include D. Neil Harris, Ashlee Cole, Tanya Hasbrouck, and Mark Maples. Circuit court judges are elected today for District 2 (Harrison, Hancock, and Stone counties). Residents will find Lisa P. Dodson, Stephen J. Maggio, Christopher L. Schmidt, Larry Bourgeois, and Randi Peresich on their ballots. District 19 (Jackson and George counties) offers Kathy King Jackson, Keith Miller, Stephen W. Burrow, Shon Ellerby, and Calvin D. Taylor.


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