Historical Marker unveiled in honor of First Baptist Church Gulfport

Where the Mississippi Aquarium now stands was once the original location of First Baptist Church Gulfport. They held a ceremony today that celebrated the rich heritage of the church and its congregation.

History was made as a historical marker for the church was unveiled to the public.

The congregation of First Baptist Gulfport gathered at Highway 90 just south of the Mississippi Aquarium with more than one reason to celebrate.

This week is also special as the church and its members celebrate their 125th anniversary.

The congregation moved to this beach front location in 1915, however, after rebuilding the church from damage caused by Hurricane Camile, it was destroyed again by Hurricane Katrina. Now, the church is located further inland on Highway 605 in Gulfport.

The unveiling signifies the over 100 years First Baptist Church rested on this land.

First Baptist Gulfport Senior Pastor Dr. Jimmy Stewart said, “This marker will give us a memory because this place has been a sacred place for all of our members, especially those who are part of the church at this location. They had weddings here, they had funerals here, they dedicated children here, had baptisms here, they had Christmas programs here. So much of life is done inside the church and around the church and so much of it happened here for literally 109 years that this marker will help us remember all of those good things.”

First Baptist extends appreciation to the City of Gulfport, the Gulfport Redevelopment Commission, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

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