Historic tuition agreement at Pearl River Community College

Today, officials gathered to announce a new tuition assistance program at Pearl River Community College that will benefit Hancock County residents.

The new county assistance program will help fill any gap in tuition a student may face after all other grants and scholarships have been used.

The program is open to Hancock County residents enrolled at PRCC and provides assistance for four consecutive semesters.

Funding for the scholarship was appropriated by the Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission and approved by the Hancock County Board of Supervisors.

Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District serves as the granting agency to provide funding to the college. PRCC President Dr. Adam Breerwood said, “A lot of our students, this will be a life altering gift. Some of our students have an opportunity to come back to school after a long time off. The biggest challenge that they have is the financial responsibility, but this will help alleviate that financial challenge which hopefully will lead to jobs, will lead to economic development in our surrounding communities.”

Hancock County Port and Harbor Commission President Derek Necaise said, “Our youth, our future leaders are the most valuable assets we have in the county and if we don’t get the work force developed, we don’t get them developed then we don’t give them the opportunity to go further their education than we are going to fail you know.”

For more information about the county tuition assistance program visit prcc.edu/finaid.

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