Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off with festival in Pascagoula

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated September 17th through October 15th and the Gulf Coast got a taste of authentic Latin foods and was introduced to other cultural festivities at the inaugural Festival Hispano at Pascagoula Beach Park.

The festival spotlighted many Hispanic businesses, giving them a chance to promote and get to know the community.

People crowded the park, dressed in costumes and cultural clothing followed by traditional dances.

Event organizer Lazaro Rovira was glad to see not only the Hispanic community coming together, but a mix of all nationalities coming out to show their support. “We really don’t have anything to do besides going to work and being at home with our families. To have something to do for the Hispanic community is absolutely priceless. It don’t matter if you are Hispanic or where you’re from, we are all the same. We all just want to live our life and provide for our families. We wanted to invite everybody to come and join our culture and let them know we love them and everybody is invited to come celebrate with us.”

Rovira wants to see the festival become an annual event and bigger and better each year.

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