Hiller Park boat launch reopens in Biloxi

If you’ve been feeling the itch to take to the water with the recent warm temperatures, now you have one more spot in Biloxi where you can drop your boat.

The Hiller Park renovations are complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony held earlier today.

This capped off a project that cost over half a million dollars which expanded the parking lot and replaced the boat launch. The new launch has a wider ramp and finger piers on either side for ease of use.

Funding for the project was from a Tidelands grant.

Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich says the renovations were made to help the boaters. “You can look at how people are parking and that sort of thing and you know you need to make things bigger and more convenient. This is a good spot and there is only ‘X’ amount of boat launch opportunities on this peninsula. So, this was the natural thing to do.”

For the 7,600 boaters in Harrison County, the ramp adds another quality spot to hit the water.

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