Hickory Hill Country Club in Gautier under new management

Hickory Hill Country Club closed its doors in 2020 and left many in the City of Gautier wondering if it would ever open again.

Now the country club is under new management and ready to get back in the swing of things.

A face lift was much needed for the Hickory Hill Country Club after being closed for nearly seven months. The country club closed its doors after more than 55 years of being open.

The 18-hole semi-private golf course opened in 1965, originally known as the Mississippi National Golf Club, serving as an outlet for the people of Jackson County. Co-Owner Troy Alan Guillotte said, “When we saw the place closed, we were absolutely heartbroken. You know, it was a situation where we grew up here. We hit our first golf ball. Anybody that has played golf on the Mississippi Gulf Coast probably has a fond memory of Hickory Hills.”

After the closing of the country club, five partners came together to purchase the club with hopes of turning it around. Co-Owner John Peters said, “We are happy to see it finally come to fruition. It’s been a long road. We think that by bringing this back we are bringing something back to the community that they will be proud of, something we can be proud of. We’ve got a lot of projects planned.”

“So, this is great opportunity to bring back a place that we love and make something very special out of it.”

The goal is to keep the same Hickory Hill golf feel, but to make it more than just a golf course, make it an experience. “We want to have great greens, fare ways, and tee boxes. We want challenging holes. We want a fun golf experience that is very affordable. In addition to that, we want to put in a great swimming pool. Our restaurant will be at the center of everything we do.”

Management tells News 25 that it will be a while before anybody is able to tee up on the course. “it’s going to take a lot of work to get it back to the shape it needs to be in. We are going to have to do a lot of renovations to the club house. We got to do a lot, of course, cutting the grass on the golf course, we got a lot of work to do there. We got a lot of work to do throughout the whole process.”

The grand opening for Hickory Hill Country Club is set for October. “October is a great month for golf because it is a little cooler. The time hasn’t changed yet it’s a great time to play golf.”

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